Role of Council agents

The Main Role of Council Agents

The LRA provides for the appointment of Agents  " enforce any collective agreement concluded in that bargaining council"  – Labour Relations Act, Section 33.

The Role of Agents in MIBCO

The enforcement of MIBCO Collective Agreements by Agents takes the following processes:

  1. Register new establishments falling within the scope of MIBCO.
  2. Educate employers and employees of registered establishments about the provisions of MIBCO Collective Agreements, Pension Funds, Medical Aid and other benefit funds.
  3. Conducting of routine inspections at all registered establishments.
  4. Investigation of complaints as they arise and compile reports to the Council.
  5. Guide employers and employees through the dispute processes of the Labour Relations Act so they comply with substantive and procedural fairness in an attempt to reduce conflicts and disputes in the Motor Industry.
  6. Collect Monthly Returns from establishments.
  7. Promote MIBCO as an essential service to the Industry.
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